South Dakota Vacation Guide

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Welcome to Rapid City, South Dakota

The Rapid City host committee is working hard to ensure the DISC 2019 conference will showcase state of the art information technology within the Catholic Church. See why we also believe the old adage “all work and no play…”


Best Western Ramkota Hotel
Rapid City, SD


Tuesday to Thursday
June 11 to June 13, 2019

Rapid City, South Dakota

Visit the Berlin Wall exhibit in the center of Rapid City located in Memorial Park, which is one of the biggest Berlin Wall exhibits in the nation.

The faces of Mount Rushmore stand 60 feet high, that’s equivalent to a six-story building!

Rapid City is in the Mountain Standard time zone and its elevation is 3,241 feet above sea level.

South Dakota’s State motto is “Under God the People Rule.”

Mitchell is the home of the world’s only Corn Palace, which is made of 3500 bushels of corn.

Mount Rushmore took 14 years and only $1 million dollars to build.

Custer State Park in East Custer is home to a herd of 1,500 free-roaming bison.