DISC 2023
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
June 27-29, 2023

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

Not Just An Annual Conference – Communication, Collaboration and Networking Year Round

For Whom?

For System Administrators

For those who want to network with other system administrators to learn and discuss topics specific to dioceses and schools.

For Architects and Project Managers

Go to sessions and meet with exhibitors to get ideas for your next project.

For Chief Technical Officers

Come learn about emerging trends in I.T. and how they apply dioceses in North America.

Why Come?

Unique Opportunities

Meet with like minded people from dioceses around North America. People whose mission is to help their diocese usher in the digital age.

Improving Skills

Listen to speakers from different areas of I.T. and Management to update some of your skills or get ideas to go forward with adding new skills.

Growing Teams

The more I.T. integrates with the business of your diocese the more you will need the skills to manage additional people.

Building Connections

The connections you make while attending the Conference last throughout the year. Contacting people, after the conference ends, in different dioceses to validate ideas is a big take away. People that have the same mission and goals.

Joining New Projects


Learning From Best

Great speakers from the industry will help validate your ideas or spur new ideas for helping your diocese.