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Since 2002, eBridge has been providing secure web-based document management solutions to dozens of church conferences and affiliates, hosting their combined 17 million files. Our secure, easy to use document management tools allow you to simply and quickly convert your paper files into secure electronic documents and access them anytime, anywhere. Keep sensitive files private with separate file cabinets for financial, district, bishop, HR, and benefits files, to name a few, and document level security within the Diocese.

eBridge Products & Services
• Highly secure document storage
• Document annotation
• OCR technology
• Full audit trail
• Document level security
• Built in Workflow
• Integrated scan application
• A scalable solution
• Mobile Friendly

Powerful tools at your disposal
• eBridge Print Driver: Virtually print electronic files to your eBridge file cabinet
• eBridge Scan Application: Scan paper files into your eBridge File Cabinet
• eBridge PDF Viewer: View files in any current browser, including mobile browsers
• eBridge Link: Integration tool that allows you to link eBridge with other software

eBridge 2021 Security Statement
eBridge Clients Utilize Tech to Work Remotely
eBridge Religious Organizations Brochure
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Leslie Haywood

Website: ebridge.com