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Cloud Canonical Software –
Nullity Case Management for Western and Eastern Catholic Tribunals

What is the Cloud Canonical Nullity Case Management Software System?

Cloud Canonical Software is unlike any other Tribunal Software available on the market. It has been on the market and has been continually developed Since 2003. It is the only Software in the world that processes Western, Eastern, Orthodox and Ukrainian (among others) Catholic Nullity Cases according to Canon Law, including the new Briefer Process for Nullity adopted by Rome in 2015 – the Mitis Iudex. It affords a Tribunal with complete case tracking coverage that ensures compliance with all Canon Law and processes. Cloud Canonical is comprehensive. It enables Tribunals to manage every aspect of the most common case types.

Cloud Canonical processes these main case types:

  1. Formal Annulment (including Mitis Iudex 2015 Briefer/Abbreviated Process)
  2. Formal Appellate
  3. Marriage Dispensation/Permission
  4. Absence of Canonical Form
  5. Pauline Privilege
  6. Petrine Privilege
  7. Frater-Soror
  8. Sanatio
  9. Presumed Death

Superior Case Management:

An easy to use case management interface allows for mouse click navigation to all pertinent case data for both the Petitioner and Respondent:

  • General History
  • Competency
  • Marriage and Divorce History
  • Assigned Court Personnel
  • Document Generation
  • Grounds
  • Libellus Information
  • Witnesses
  • Case Evidence
  • Document Tracking and History

Legacy Data:

We can import most legacy case data into Cloud Canonical – from CaseMaster to TMS or MS Access – and even from other apps and programs.  We do need to review your Tribunal’s data to confirm feasibility of import but know that we have always been able to import legacy data into Cloud Canonical software.

How does Cloud Canonical Software Work Technically:

Cloud Canonical Software is a Web App that will work with any modern Web Browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Edge (others may work).  There is no need to install or maintain any software at all for Cloud Canonical Software on local computers or workstations.  Cloud Canonical will work well on any modern Windows, Mac or Linux computers.  It will also work on iOS devices and Android devices.  The only thing modern devices must have, in addition to a modem web browser and reliable Internet or LAN Network connection, is a modern PDF Reader.  The Tribunal will also need to have access to MS Word from time to time to update and maintain the Tribunal Document, Letter and Envelope Templates that work with Cloud Canonical Software.  Access to a local printer and scanner is needed as well.

Cloud Canonical is secure – it operates over the encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) from end to end. It uses Multi-factor authentication (MFA) in addition to secure and complex passwords. Regular SQL Archival and Document Archival backups should be made regularly – as well as regular IIS Code backups.

As a Cloud-based Web App – there is absolutely no need for a Tribunal or Diocese to acquire, configure or maintain its own server to host Cloud Canonical Software.  Nor is any sophisticated, complex or expensive IT support needed.  Finally, with Cloud Canonical, we take care of all the backups of your Tribunal data, which is stored in the open Microsoft SQL format.

More Information:

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Cloud Canonical Security:
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30 minute overview video (sound required):

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